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September Newsletter

We have two states of living - one of love and one of fear.  I suspect that like myself you would like to be living your life out of love but actually when you spend time contemplating what drives your decisions it is mostly from fear. Fear of the unknown; fear of a lack of money; fear of a lack of love; fear of not being able to fulfil obligations; there are just too many to name here.  But what does living in this state of fear achieve?  Exhaustion, lack of clarity, unfulfilment, selfishness and desire to "horde" things around us to validate our own worth.  Living from love releases us from of these things.  If we have no expectations then we will not be disappointed and if we live from love our "glass" will always be half full rather than half empty and we can be more compassionate and generous not just to others but also to ourselves. Welcome back to Santosha studio for a new term and new beginnings.  We have painted, cleaned and refreshed the studio to keep it as comfortable and calming as possible for your practice.


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