Santosha at home

How do I see the schedule?

The way you usually do! Use the MindBody app or view our Schedule page; you can then book and pay for the class online. 

What happens after I book a class?

30 minutes before the class start time you will be emailed a link to access the class. Do check your junk inbox folder as it might have gone there. If the email has gone to your junk, to prevent this from happening in future please mark our email address as "not junk". Please also check your junk inbox before contacting us if you have not received the video link 30 minutes before the class is due to start.

What does the live online class look like?

Our online classes are streamed through Zoom so you will get a chance to say hi to both the teacher and other attendees.  You can make the choice of not turning on your video so nobody can see you. The teacher will mute everyone to start the class and will un-mute at the end so people can share comments and say goodbye.

Do feel free to feed back to us via email  after the class has finished about how you think the class went. We would love to hear your feedback as we try to evolve this new way of teaching for us.

Home booking etiquette

It would be great if you could book onto the classes as early as possible. This is to make sure we can send out the class link via group email (everyone will be bcc'd) to everyone.

If you do not receive the email link 30 minutes before the class starts, please message us on facebook so we can send you the link asap.

How can I view the Santosha at Home classes?

Our classes can be played from virtually anywhere. They are mobile, tablet, laptop and PC compatible and can also be casted to your TV using a Chromecast.

As you can keep your video off, everyone will only be able to see the teacher so you can practice in your PJ's if you like!

Most classes you have registered for will be recorded and so if you miss it or your internet fails we can send you a recorded link. 

If your favourite class isn't on the schedule, please tell us , we are wanting to evolve this schedule in a way that suits all of our lovely students.

See you all in our at Santosha at Home studio.


  • Shoes are to be removed before entering the studio.

  • Mobile phones and other belongings are to be left in our secure changing area during the class.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class is due to start late arrivals can be disrupting during the seated meditation.

  • If you are late for the class, please wait until seated meditation has finished before entering the studio

  • Please help us keep our Prop Cupboard tidy

  • Please be quiet in Reception if a class is running in the studio

what should i expect?

Yoga is for Everyone.

There is no degree of flexibility or mobility required. Irrespective of age, infirmity or inflexbility, if there is breath and mind then there can be Yoga.

Yoga Poses can be adapted to best suit your needs and to whatever your current life situation is.

We have mats and equipment but if you would like to bring your own, please feel free.

When arriving for your first class, the teacher will ask you a couple of health related questions to gauge how best to support you through the practice.

what should i wear?

Wear something comfortable and are able to stretch and exercise in. Most students wear leggings and a vest with layers if it is winter time. Ideally, yoga is practiced with bare feet. There are no shoes or belongings allowed in the studio, though do feel free to bring socks. We have a changing area where shoes and belongings can be left during class.

If you are a new student with us then please download a new client form to complete and bring along to your first class with us.

what should i expect from a class?

Our classes start with a short seated meditation to find your breath and heighten your awareness.

During the practice you may receive a hands-on adjustment from the teacher to deepen your pose or enhance your alignment, If this ever becomes uncomfortable or you do not wish to be touched, please do not be afraid to speak up!

Yoga classes finish with an end relaxation usually in Savasana - Corpse Pose, lying on your back.


REMEMBER! - Yoga is Non-Competitive so let go of the competitive mindset and let your practice meet you where you are.