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Fiona has been a passionate teacher of movement since 2006..  She is a certified pilates teacher with international academies; Body Control, Polestar Education and Centre for Spatial Medicine.  


Fiona is a certified Experienced Yoga Teacher and an iRest Meditation Teacher Level 1.  She also holds a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.  


She constantly attends courses and workshops to extend her knowledge of the human body especially the fascial system.  Fiona hopes in all her classes to share her passion for movement as a way to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

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Martina fell in love with yoga almost 20 years ago and is a passionate practitioner ever since.

She is qualified with Claire Murphy Yoga UK, Sivananda Yoga Austria and Calm for Kids.

She is a member and a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Martina likes to share her love for yoga combining it with her passion to empower people and to nurture a sense of wellbeing and calm..



Jen began practising yoga whilst at university in 2007 on the recommendation of her Ju Jitsu Sensae who thought her strength and flexibility could use some work. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and she swapped the dojo for the yoga studio...  

Yoga has been a vital lifeline, both through conditioning the body for other sporting endeavours, particularly running, and also for promoting mental clarity in life's storms. Jen firmly believes that yoga is the best medicine for all. 

Qualifying in 2022 from Chie's 200hr yoga teacher training programme at Santosha, Jen joined the ranks of the excellent teachers she had practised under since moving to Chippenham in 2011. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals. Alongside yoga teaching, Jen is a Physiotherapy Assistant and Sports Massage Therapist, both of which influence her energetic and anatomically focused teaching style. She welcomes yogis new and experienced to the mat for a vibrant, creative and lively practice.  

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Angela, originally from Hungary, discovered yoga as a teenager. It's been a steady part of her life ever since, accompanying her through different countries and different stages of her life. Above all, Angela appreciates the serenity and self-acceptance that yoga practice gives her and this is what she would like to share with others.


She deeply values the subtler aspects of yoga, with a special interest in pranayama and the yoga of sound, despite of - or maybe because of - her scientific background.

She completed her 200h teacher training at Bristol School of Yoga in 2019 and is a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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My passion for movement began early when I started dancing at a local ballet school. At 16, I advanced to the Central School of Ballet in London for intensive training. There, I honed my technique and delved into various dance styles, excelling particularly in classical ballet and contemporary dance. I pursued a professional dancing career for several years, both internationally and in the UK, performing in a wide array of productions spanning classical ballet, neoclassical, and opera.


Throughout my dancing journey, Pilates has been a constant companion, aiding in maintaining my health and enhancing performance. I trained with Polestar Pilates to expand my knowledge on the equipment and mat exercise's. Allowing me to share my passion for Pilates and movement with others. 

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Chie is our Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Org Accredited Senior Yoga Teacher.


Originally from Japan, she started practising yoga 16 years ago because of stress, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. She has been teaching in Japan and New York for 9 years and completed her 500hr teacher training at Dharma yoga. She is also certified as a Prenatal Yoga teacher (Urban Yoga) and a children's yoga teacher (Karma Kids Yoga)

She is the teacher of our 200hr Teacher Training and Prenatal Teacher Training.

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Yoga has been an important part of Jo’s life for over a decade. After 20 years in medical research and studying with world renowned teachers she finally made the move to follow her heart and start teaching yoga.


She has a passion for practices that support individuals dealing with chronic stress, anxiety and depression, as well as conditions such as CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, and cancer related fatigue.


She is fully qualified with Claire Murphy Yoga and is registered as an Experienced Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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Rosemary has taught for over 30 years as a primary school teacher and has spent at least half of that developing her yoga practise, appreciating the calmness and sense of wellbeing it has bought to her life.


In recent years she has begun to combine her joy of both her teaching and yoga within the classroom, recognising the beneficial effects it has on the children’s learning and sense of self. She qualified as a yoga teacher with Chie Sibbring and is also a children’s yoga teacher.

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Beverly was inspired on a trip to California to finally commit to a regular yoga practice and returned home to look for a teacher an venue that lived up to the one she found in America. Her search led her to the Santosha Studiio. Her love of how yoga makes her feel physically and emotionally made her decide to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Murphy Yoga. Beverly is now our regular substitute teacher for all classes.

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Jo decided to embark on the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course to share the benefits of yoga with others. She is now an Accredited Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and has trained as a Yin Yoga Teacher with Bernie Clark.


Jo's classes are practical, supportive and accessible to all, allowing students to develop at their own pace with curiosity, playfulness and integrity.



Hannah teaches Hatha and flow, often offering regular class themes, supporting students to deepen their practice in specific areas over a few weeks. Hannah’s teaching style is relaxed and inclusive. She believes that yoga is for everyone, supporting her students to find their own pace and level in a light hearted manner. Hannah focuses on alignment in class and offers a range of options to suit all. 

Hannah has not only found strength and focus through her own lifelong love of yoga, but flexibility of mind and heart. She aims to help her students connect with the same long-term benefits through their own yoga practice.  

 Hannah is a member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals 



Millie originally trained as a professional dancer in all dance forms and it was here she discovered her love of Pilates and good movement. She went on to complete her full comprehensive training with Polestar Pilates- the gold standard of Pilates Training.

Millie loves working with a mixture of clients, especially those who are goal-specific. Whether it be with clients post injury or people who just generally want to move and feel better!

Millie has a passion for educating clients about their body and trying to work together to find out the why’s and how’s. Every client is different, and Millie believes working with the individual, tailoring their sessions to the specific client’s needs. Millie believes in helping people understand their bodies, encouraging functional movement within their sessions that will reflect in their everyday lives.

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Fascinated by altered states of consciousness and the power of sound since the early 1970s, it’s no surprise that the Gongs finally found Tone at a time when he was open to their magic.

Intrigued by the sonic and personal pathways that opened, Tone formalised his love of Gongs by completing training with Sheila Whittaker and Don Conreaux, two of the worlds foremost Gong Masters.
The complex sound matrix created by the Gongs has the power to instill a rapid state of relaxation, meditation and altered states of being from where moments of personal clarity and self healing can emanate.

Tone now offers Gong Baths or Sound Journeys throughout the UK and beyond and monthly here at Santosha Studio.
Tone is a member of the College of Sound Healing.

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