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Sunday 3 April


with Jane Rourke

Studio 1


Max 14 students

Do you suffer from an unhappy gut or any digestive issues?


Learn how a regular practice of yoga can help to soothe, calm and promote healing in our digestive system.

Modern stressors so often manifest themselves physically in our digestive system, which can be frustrating and sometimes even debilitating. You will learn about the gut-brain communication, the importance of our wandering vagus nerve and explore how mindful movement, breath awareness and meditation can help to optimise our digestive health. We will focus on moving in a way that feels safe and supportive, with an emphasis on kindness and compassion towards ourselves, to encourage deep rest and relaxation.

After a nourishing and deeply relaxing workshop, you will be given a recording of a soothing practice to take home with you, which you can return to whenever you need.

Jane has practised yoga for many years, as a way to support an autoimmune condition of her digestive system (ulcerative colitis), which she developed when working in a highly stressful role as a solicitor. Jane has had to learn to recognise the early signs of flare-ups and to completely slow down. Even too strong a yoga practice can place additional pressure on the nervous system, making matters worse. Over time, with patience and kindness, Jane has recognised that gentle, mindful movement is so important to healing and she hopes to share this experience with you.

We do suggest that everyone brings their own yoga mat but Santosha Studio will provide all other props.

If you want to have your own blanket or eye pad we do have some for sale at the Studio.

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