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living with clarity in uncertain times - a new year workshop

Sunday 3 January


with Martina Elter

Studio 1


Max 10 students

Full clarity was the theme of last year's  New Year workshop and who would have thought that we were to embark on a time of unprecedented uncertainty and change most of us have ever experienced during our lives.



We have to navigate in a new normal and experience new forms of stress and anxieties.

In this workshop you are invited to take some time to turn inward, to listen and to feel. What seeds do you want to plant this year despite all uncertainties? Where does your heart pull you? And what can be gently released to make space for it?

It can be a beautiful ritual to contemplate the beginning of the year, to nourish yourself with gentle movements and deep relaxation, to connect to your intentions so you proceed with intentions which are in tune with your body, mind and soul.

Our practice in this workshop plays with Yin and Yang and will be interwoven with reflection, journaling and meditation to re-energize, relax and feel ready for living a great year of your life.

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