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hormone yoga

Saturday 17 October


with Martina Elter

Studio 1



Our Masterclass series workshops are dedicated to advancing a specific area of your Yoga practice. They will occur frequently throughout the month. You can pay for the single Masterclass for £12.50 or purchase a Masterclass 5 pass for £52.50

As part of our Masterclass series this session is dedicated to Hormone Yoga and taught by Martina Elter.

A masterclass for women who would like to explore a practice which can relieve and eliminate most symptoms of unbalanced hormones.

Hormone yoga is a therapeutic application of Yoga for hormonal imbalance and the associated complaints. This particular practice was developed by Dinah Rodgrigues.

The practice can be helpful for many women from the age of 35. From this point, the natural hormone production will start to decrease along with stresses and strains becoming more noticeable. It helps to manage the symptoms of menopause as well as PMS, polycystic ovaries, irregular periods, anxiety, depression, acne and hypothyroidism.

Certain women with infertility problems have also seen benefits as a result of a regular practice of hormone yoga. It can be a healthy alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).The hormone yoga exercise series is composed of asanas, which act directly on the female hormone-producing glands and organs such as the ovaries and thyroid. Breathing exercises and subsequent energy control to the hormone glands intensify this effect.

People who should not practice Hormone Yoga are:

- Pregnant women

- Women affected by breast cancer 

- Advanced endometriosis;

- Persons suffering with severe psychiatric problems

- Those affected by hormone fed types of cancer. Only after recovery in consultation with oncologists".

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