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Thank you for your continued support of Santosha Studio.  We wish to keep the Studio as safe as possible for all our clients to continue their Yoga & Pilates practice.

Don't ever forget that you are No. 1.  Take care of yourself, do everything to boost your immune system;- sleep well, eat  nutritious food, exercise on a regular basis, practice your Yoga and Pilates to help you to stay strong, flexible and relaxed so to maintain whole body, mental spiritual health.

We need it more than ever!

What to expect?

  1. Class size is limited to 10 so all classes have to be pre-booked.

  2. The foyer entrance has been divided into two.  Please enter Santosha Studio from the right.

  3. When you arrive, there will be sanitising gel on the reception so please use the gel or wash your hands in the bathrooms.

  4. Please bring your own mat & any other props if you have them.

  5. When using the loos please throw your individual towel in the basket under the sink.

  6. You may use the Studio equipment but please wipe them down with sanitizing gel after use.

  7.  In the Studio please place your mat in area marked by a Santosha logo sticker on the floor.

  8. Please wear a mask entering the building.  You can remove your mask in the Studio for your practice.

  9. Windows will be opened as long as weather allows.

  10. The door at the top of the stairs will be closed by the teacher prior to the beginning of a class and they will open the door again at the end.

  11. A few In Studio classes will be streamed via Zoom.  As regards privacy nobody attending the In Studio class will be on camera. 

  12. Please do not to attend if you or a member of your family are feeling unwell especially if you have a constant dry cough, runny nose, a high temperature or experience a change in your sense of smell or taste.  We do have a non-contact thermometer at the Studio if in any doubt. 

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