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“Hatha” means effort or exertion.  The physical effort of doing yoga.  In our Hatha classes we combine effort with the more subtle practices of yoga - Pranayama and Meditation.  By attuning our focus and seeking the right level of challenge, we build strength, become flexible, and discover the calm of our inner selves.


Our classes are available for all whether you are fairly new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner, but some will be stronger than others so please check when you book.


As a general Hatha class you can expect to be challenged and to enjoy the benefits whether you are fairly new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner.





MONDAY MORNING with Jo Duffy  8.30-10.00am  Online

MONDAY MORNING with Jo Duffy   10.30-12.00pm  In Studio

MONDAY EVENING with Jo Duffy   6.15-7.30pm   In Studio

TUESDAY LUNCHTIME with Hannah Smalley   12.15-1.00pm  In Studio

TUESDAY LUNCHTIME with Fiona McIntosh   12.15-1.00pm  Online

TUESDAY EVENING with Hannah Smalley   7.45-9.00pm  In Studio

WEDNESDAY EVENING with Chie Sibbring  6.15-7.30pm  In Studio

THURSDAY MORNING with Jo Duffy  9.30-11.00am  In Studio

THURSDAY EVENING with Fiona McIntosh  6.15-7.30pm In Studio

THURSDAY EVENING with Angela Dajonki  7.45-9.00pm  In Studio

FRIDAY MORNING with Jane Rourke  9.30-10.30am  In Studio

FRIDAY EVENING with Chie Sibbring 6.15-7.30pm (monthly) In Studio

SATURDAY MORNING with Martina Elter & Jen Chapman 9.15-10.30am In Studio




Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with “power yoga“.


This flow class will build strength, mobility and focus with an hour of energetic Vinyasa inspired flow yoga.


This is a strong practice.  As the class has a flowing fast tempo it is preferred that you are a slightly more experienced Yogi.


Please bring your own mat if you have one.

SUNDAY MORNING with Angela Dajnoki  9.30-10.30am  Hybrid Class

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Mindful Yoga with Jane Rourke is a wonderful way to end the week, providing a well-needed pause from our modern world of constant doing - it is a space to simply BE. Using meditative, mindful and somatic movements we are able to slowly open up the body and soothe the nervous system.


The focus is on each individual moving in a way that feels safe, supportive and opening for them, with an emphasis on kindness and compassion towards ourselves. This class is open to all levels - as we concentrate on soothing overworked physical and emotional systems.


It can be particularly supportive for those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression as well as long term physical conditions, such as fatigue, digestive issues or autoimmune conditions.

FRIDAY MORNING with Jane Rourke  9.30-10.30am  In Studio

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Practising Pilates regularly brings many benefits - a reconnection with your body, a strength and flexibility that you can take into everyday life or into whatever activity you so desire.


WEDNESDAY MORNING with Fiona McIntosh 12.00-1.15pm In Studio

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON with Susie Chambers 2.00-3.00pm In Studio

WEDNESDAY EVENING with Fiona McIntosh 5.00-6.00pm In Studio & Online

THURSDAY MORNING with Fiona McIntosh  11.15-12.15pm In Studio & Online

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If you have always been wondering what Yin Yoga is about then this is the class for you. A slow and meditative practice, Yin Yoga helps you to develop a deep connection to your breath and body. This practice takes you to the "edge" of what is uncomfortable, inviting you to sit with your dis-comfort and allow the breath and gravity to melt away all your physical tensions and your mental agitations. 


This class is streamed to you via Zoom. A link will be sent to you when you register for the class.

SUNDAY EVENING with Jo Duffy  6.00-7.30pm  Online