Crystal Bowl Singing with Chie 2021.jpg

Chakra yoga & crystal bowl singing

Saturday 10 July , 4 September, 2 October, 4 December


with Chie Sibbring

In Studio £25.00 or £85.00 to attend all 4 events.

Chakra yoga is the beautiful journey of exploring your chakras.

Chakras are subtle, but life force energy and the Chakra system represents the architecture of the spirit/soul through seven primary energy centres located along the spinal cord. Each Chakra corresponds to different issues, both physically and mentally.

In this July workshop the first of 4 events, the focus will be on the first/Root and second/sacral chakras. You will learn Yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation which clean those chakras to allow life force energy to flow smoothly.


At the end of the session, you enjoy the resonance of Crystal singing bowls. Crystal singing bowl's sound and vibration harmonise and resonate with targeted chakras, a powerful but gentle way of cleansing and relaxing the Mind and Body. You will feel so refreshed and reborn after the session.

We suggest you attend all the Chakra Yoga + Crystal singing bowl workshops, scheduled throughout the autumn, to get the full benefit.


However, you can attend one of the workshops as well.