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Tuesdays from 9.30-10.45am

14 September - 19 October

5 weeks, £60.00

with Martina Elter


This is a course for everybody who is affected by cancer. A cancer diagnosis is often a life-changing one. Cancer does require us to slow down, it can leave us vulnerable and exhausted as so much is happening out of our control. It can be the diagnosis to wake up to a new way of seeing life.

Yoga does not cure cancer, but yoga can help you manage some of the emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis, give you back a sense of equanimity and re-connect with your body during and after treatments.
Research has shown that yoga can lead to a better quality of life amongst cancer patients, reducing depression, reducing daytime dysfunction, helping sleep - and a lot of evidence is out there to say how much specific poses for cancer can help with joint aches and just help you to feel good about yourself again.

Each diagnose, each history is different. Please get in touch and discuss your personal circumstances with our course facilitator Martina who is providing this course for 4 years now. The course has been also a wonderful way of connecting for the students in that precarious time who enjoyed very much the social aspect of coming together with people of similar experiences. Martina has herself used Yoga in a wholistic way to recover from breast cancer.

Martina is a Yoga teacher and holds a master’s degree in Social Pedagogy specialising in humanistic counselling, community work, education and health promotion.

Just before Christmas 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which turned her life upside down. Her tumour as an ‘uninvited guest’ she used her Yoga practice in a holistic way to support her recovery. The last two years Martina began to share her learning on this journey by offering a specific workshop and in one-to-one sessions for clients.

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