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Upward Facing Dog



Sundays 6.45-7.45pm

30 October - 27 November

5 weeks £47.50

with Monika Singh

Course will only run with a minimum of 6


In Eastern culture Yoga has been practiced predominantly by men for generations. In recent times, the world's top athletes have turned to Yoga to compliment their training and increase their focus. Ryan Giggs, Andy Murray and Mike Catt all take regular Yoga classes.


Yoga builds strength, tones the body and increases flexibility. Yoga provides a challenge both physically and mentally and will be far harder than you think!


This class will benefit:


  • Men looking to increase their flexibility, tone or strength.

  • Men who wish to compliment their existing sports or fitness regime.

  • Men who would like to try Yoga but don't feel comfortable in a mixed level class.

Learn the basic yoga poses, correct alignment and how to work with your breath. The course is specifically created for men, by focusing attention on strengthening and lengthening tight muscle groups. Targeting back and shoulder pain, creating better posture and increasing flexibility.

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