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Covid-19 Protocols

Thank you for your continued support of Santosha Studio.  Whilst we have been in lock down we have been working in the background to prepare the Studio post lockdown.

Don't ever forget that you are No. 1.  Take care of yourself, do everything to boost your immune system;- sleep well, eat good nutritious food, exercise on a regular basis, practice your Yoga and Pilates to help you to stay strong, flexible and relaxed so to maintain our whole body, mental spiritual health.

We need it more than ever!

There will be changes to the look and to the schedule so here goes:-

  1. Class size is limited to 8 so all classes have to be pre-booked.

  2. The foyer entrance will be divided into two.  Please enter Santosha Studio from the right.

  3. The doors to the bottom and to the top of stairs will be open and the staircase is marked with tape so you know the distance to maintain between you and another client on the Stairs.

  4. Only one client will be allowed in the reception at a time.  The rest of the clients will queue back down the stairs as marked until they can enter.

  5. When you arrive, there will be sanitising gel on the reception and in the Studio if you need to use it.  Please try and bring your own.

  6. The reception is closed for business. 

  7. You can still use the loos but please wipe down all touched surfaces and throw the used wipe into the bin after use.

  8. We will ask you to bring your own equipment and water and if at all possible please come in the clothes that you mean to do yoga in. In emergency we will of course sort out props for you. (Blankets are for sale and can be pre-ordered at £2.50 each)

  9. When you arrive there will be a space at the Studio door to place your shoes/bags and coats. The changing area will not be put to general use but can be used if absolutely needed.

  10.  In the Studio where mats can be placed will be marked by a Santosha logo sticker on the floor.

  11. Wearing of masks is not compulsory I am leaving it to individual preference.

  12. Windows will be opened as long as weather allows.

  13. Both the door at the bottom of stairs and at the top of the stairs will be closed by the teacher prior to the beginning of a class and they will open the door again at the end.

  14. A few In Studio classes will be streamed via Zoom.  As regards privacy nobody attending the In Studio class will be on camera. 

  15. Because of the new protocols we ask that clients arrive in good time and are on their mat 5 minutes before start of the class.

  16. Please do not to attend if you or a member of your family are feeling unwell.  We do have a non-contact thermometer at the Studio now if in any doubt. 

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