Sunday 26 September,  7 November & 16 January


with Emma Clack

Studio 1

£40.00 for one, £102.00 for three

Max 10 students

Join me in these 3 workshops that support you through the stages of menopause.

Menopause Yoga (MY) is a positive and empowering approach to this stage in your life.

All 3 workshops include yoga asana, restorative yoga, Breath work, meditations and a sharing circle. Providing you with a toolkit to take away and support you on your journey.

In these workshops, we dismiss the negativity that surrounds menopause. We see it as an awakening to yourself and the goddess within. A chance to reconnect to your feminine energy and place in the world.

No previous yoga experience required just an interest in connecting and empowering yourself and other women.

Workshop one; summer to autumn (Perimenopause)
Focuses on hot flushes, Night sweats, ‘Menorage’ aggression and irritability.

Workshop Two; autumn to winter (menopause)
Focuses on insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and feeling overwhelmed.

Workshop Three; winter to spring (post menopause)
Focuses on lethargy, low mood, sluggish metabolism and creating strength.

These Workshops are for any women at any stage of menopause as symptoms fluctuate so workshops can be attended as a series or singularly.

The workshops provide a toolkit of techniques to the help transition through menopause into your second spring.