Shoes are to be removed before entering the studio.

Mobile phones and other belongings are to be left in our secure changing area during the class.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class is due to start late arrivals can be disrupting during the seated meditation.

If you are late for the class, please wait until seated meditation has finished before entering the studio

Please help us keep our Prop Cupboard tidy

Please be quiet in Reception if a class is running in the studio

What to Expect?

Yoga is for Everyone. There is no degree of flexibility or mobility required. Irrespective of age, infirmity or inflexbility, if there is breath and mind then there can be Yoga.

Yoga Poses can be adapted to best suit your needs and to whatever your current life situation is.

We have mats and equipment though if you would like to bring your own, please feel free.

When arriving for your first class at the studio, the teacher will ask you a couple of health related questions to gauge how best to support you through the practice.

What to wear?

Wear something comfortable and that you are able to stretch and exercise appropriately in. Ideally, yoga is practiced with bare feet. There are no shoes or belongings allowed in the studio though do feel free to bring socks. We have a changing area where shoes and belongings can be left during class.

The Practice

Our classes start with a short seated meditation to find your breath and heighten your awareness.

During the practice you may receive a hands-on adjustment from the teacher to deepen your pose or enhance your alignment, If this ever becomes uncomfortable or you do not wish to be touched, please do not be afraid to speak up!

Yoga classes finish with an end relaxation usually in Savasana - Corpse Pose, lying on your back.

REMEMBER! - Yoga is Non-Competitive so let go of the competitive mindset and let your practice meet you where you are.