From childhood, Fiona was a keen gymnast and dancer an studied modern dance into her twenties when she also practised yoga. Her other passion was books and she worked in publishing before re-connecting with her initial passion of movement and somatic well-being. It was in 2004 following an accident that she became a client of Karin Locher, founder of Spatial Medicine, and her thirst for knowledge on how to re-balance and restore her whole body health through movement led her to first study withg Body Control (Certified in 2005) and then with Polestar Education (Studio Certified in 2007) and then with Centre for Spatial Medicine (Certified in 2008).

In 2010 Fiona became a full-time Pilates teacher working from both Karin Locher's and Santosha Studio. She continued her education and knowledge of the body's fascial auto-regulating system attending courses with Steven Golstein (Integrated Fascial Release), Ann and Chris Frederick (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Robert Schleip, Tom E Myers' Anatomy Trains, Peter E Levine (Somatic Experiencing) and Emile Conrad (Continiuum). She is Director of two studios; The Santosha Studio in Wiltshire and The Pilates Team in Hertfordshire. She is PMA certified and a senior faculty teacher with Spatial Medicine CPM Education. She is also a 200hr qualified Yoga Teacher with Claire Murphy Yoga as well as practising iNidra meditation and consistently continues her spatial medicine education. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance.

Fiona has spent years watching her body and her spirit change through her movement practice, initially to come out of pain but ultimately she has given herself space to breathe and just "to be" and she passionately shares that journey with others; clients, other teachers to enable their own journey.